Question: I'm a doctor. Shouldn't I serve God in my patients first?

Sri Chinmoy: No, no, no. You are a doctor, true. But early in the morning, before you even see a patient, you have to think of God, meditate on God. Only then are you doing the right thing. Right now, you are seeing God in your patients. That is your heart's magnanimity. That is wonderful. You are seeing God in your patients, so you will be more careful, more soulful, in your dealings with your patients. That is what God wants. But this very soulfulness, this sympathy, this love and concern for your patients — where are you getting it from? You are getting it from your own heart, from your soul. But if you don't meditate, do you think you will get it? If you do not observe silence or feel peace for a few moments in the morning, you won't get it. There are many doctors who are very undivine, callous, because they don't do the first thing first.

Early in the morning you meditate before you go to the hospital. Just because early in the morning you are praying and meditating to God for a few minutes, that means that you have love for God. Then, when you go to the hospital, you are showing your love and devotion to the Supreme in others. So you are really doing two things and both are of considerable value. You are doing the first thing first; but you feel that only the second thing that you are doing is the right thing. No, both are equally right. You go from one step to the second step. You cannot take two steps at the same time. First you step on one leg and then on the other leg. So, in your case, you are doing absolutely the right thing. Early in the morning you are praying to God; that is your love for God. Then, the same love you are spreading to your patients, who are your brothers and sisters.