Question: When we achieve realisation, how will it change our daily lives?

Sri Chinmoy: Realisation is bound to change our daily lives because realisation is not only the conscious awareness of the Divinity within us, but also the conscious acceptance of the Reality within us. When we accept the Divinity and Reality within us as our very own, it fully claims us. Right now we ourselves are responsible for what we do and what we say. But there comes a time when we see that we do nothing; we realise that it is Someone called the Inner Pilot who does everything for us. As a matter of fact, He has already done everything for us, but now we become aware of it. We come to realise that there is an Inner Pilot who is all Light and Delight and we see that we are His instruments. He is acting in and through us.

There was a time when our friends and neighbours saw nothing but darkness within us and without. Now, the same neighbours and acquaintances see something totally different in us and around us. Why? Precisely because our Inner Pilot is acting in and through us and His actions are always perfect. Why is He acting in and through us? Because we want Him to do it. When we aspire, when we cry to God to mould us and shape us into His own image and take full charge of our lives, this changes not only our lives but also the lives of others who are around us. When He is working in and through us, He is illumining us; and this illumination is constantly spreading. It is a Reality that spreads its Light and Delight. When we are being illumined, the ones around us are also being illumined. According to our receptivity we are being illumined and according to their receptivity they are being illumined.