Question: How can we run very fast on your spiritual path?

Sri Chinmoy: The seeker can run very fast through inner aspiration and outer dedication. This is the only way. Aspiration is the inner cry to dive the deepest, to run the fastest and to fly the highest. Dedication is the conscious feeling of oneness with one's spiritual Master and with his mission to spread the Light of the Supreme. One should try always to feel his conscious oneness with the mission and to be ready to extend himself.

There is no such thing as sacrifice in the inner or outer life. It is all oneness, extended oneness. On the physical plane, we say "He made such a sacrifice." But when someone extends himself, he enlarges his consciousness. When the hand does something for the leg, it is doing something for the whole body as well. In the spiritual life also, as an individual extends his consciousness, his capacity, he gradually becomes universal. God's Reality and man's reality are one and the same: love. In His Love He unconditionally descends; in our love we soulfully and gratefully ascend.