Question: Before I came to you I was doing a lot of reading. I was advised to stop all that and I have. But I'm starting to feel that maybe I should continue.

Sri Chinmoy: If you study my writings, then you are getting my consciousness. If you study other spiritual Masters, no harm; there is no quarrel between me and the other spiritual Masters. Everyone has the right to speak the truth in his own way. But if I say one thing and another Master says this same thing in a different way, you may be confused. Since you want to be in my boat, then it is better for you to study my writings. Then afterwards, if you read others, at that time your foundation will be strong since you know where your home is. Once you are well-established in your spiritual home, at that time you can go to the other house and see what they have. But I always advise people first to know where their own house is.