Question: When you came into the room and began to stare at everyone, I had a strange experience. Everything was turning white. The whole room was white, like a snowflake. Was that part of your energy coming to us, or was it my imagination, or what?

Sri Chinmoy: As soon as I come in, I bring down Light, Peace and Bliss from above. I bring down a sea of Peace, Light and Bliss, and this moves around like waves of the ocean. It is not your mental hallucination; far from it. I bring down the sea and I represent the sea as well as the waves. In that wavy movement when I look around the room, I am actually entering into each disciple. This white light is the light of purity, inner purity, and also it is the Consciousness of God in the feminine form; that is to say, it is the Light of the Supreme.