Question: When I am meditating I have moments of doubt. When I want to stop meditating I feel pain. What is wrong?

Sri Chinmoy: When you meditate please do not have any preconceived ideas as to whether you will receive pain or joy. Do not act like a beggar. Feel that you are doing the right thing when you meditate, and when you have to come out of meditation feel that it is the proper time for your meditation to end. When you are going high, higher, highest, there is no reason to doubt yourself. While you are climbing up a tree, you know that you are climbing and you don't doubt your action. When you are sure that you are climbing to the highest, then there is nothing to doubt. Again, when you have to come out of your meditation, there is no reason to feel sorry. If you want to remain at the top of the tree and eat mangoes to your heart's content and not bring them down to distribute to mankind, to your brothers and sisters who are hungry, you are making a mistake. You should not be miserly with the fruits of your meditation.