Question: Master, I never seem to be able to distribute enough.

Sri Chinmoy: Right now you do not have that much to distribute. Your Inner Pilot is satisfied with your climbing and with your distribution. It is a form of ego on your part to be dissatisfied with what you are able to give. If you give according to your capacity, God is satisfied. If you give your child a dime, you won't expect him to give a dollar to somebody else. God knows the amount of Peace, Light and Bliss He has given you. If you distribute that, He will definitely give you more the next time. You will never run short. The amount that you receive and give may be not according to your minds satisfaction, but God sees your capacity and how much your vessel can hold. As your vessel expands, naturally He will be able to pour in more Peace and Light. Only then you will be able to offer more to others.