Question: Since I started meditating, I feel that I have become more vulnerable to wrong forces. How can I protect myself?

Sri Chinmoy: This means that the meditation that you are doing is not right. If you are meditating properly, it is impossible for you to become more vulnerable to hostile forces. You may be attacked more often for a while, but the right kind of meditation will only strengthen your inner being and increase your inner light. If your meditation is correct, you will be able to conquer all the forces that are standing in your way. But to have the proper meditation either you have to learn very slowly from within or you have to get instruction from a spiritual Master.

At this point in your spiritual development, if you try to meditate for four hours, all the forces will attack you. To meditate for a long period of time one needs abundant will power and inner strength. But if one really has the inner strength to meditate correctly, naturally he will be able to defeat any forces that may threaten or frighten him. Real meditation brings peace, strength and joy. Joy and peace are like two divine soldiers who will fight against ignorance for you. If you meditate properly, there will be many inner warriors to fight for you, and all these undivine forces are bound to be conquered.