June 26

My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, my Eternity's All, today marks the first anniversary of my weightlifting career.
There was a time when You made me a runner, a sprinter, an athlete.
Now You have turned me into a bodybuilder, a weightlifter.
My Lord, soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally I shall become what You want me to become.

Bodybuilders of the highest magnitude, weightlifters of the highest magnitude, Olympic heroes, are here to celebrate my weightlifting anniversary.
I know, I know, my Lord Supreme, what they are actually doing.
They are sharing their sincere love for Your infinite Compassion in me.
They are all seekers.
Some are conscious seekers, while others are going to be conscious seekers before long.
What do I learn from them?
I learn something most significant.
This lesson I have been learning from You since I was four, when I started praying and meditating with Your infinite Grace.

My Lord, You are the Infinite.
You become the finite, yet You do not lose Your Eternity, Infinity and Immortality.
The finite is also You.
Inside the heart of the finite, You play the role of the Infinite.
Here on earth, when the supreme authorities on bodybuilding and weightlifting come to see me and be part of our oneness-family, I feel that the Infinite and the finite, the big and the small, together can sing the song of oneness-peace-family and thus make You happy, offering You satisfaction in Your own Way.

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, may my outer name and my inner name be gratitude, gratitude, gratitude — sleepless gratitude, breathless gratitude and deathless gratitude — my Lord, my Eternity's Lord, my Absolute Beloved Supreme.