Part X — Professor Genevieve McCoy

PCG 12. Department of Liberal Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Professor Genevieve McCoy: How does one reach Being-in-General?

Sri Chinmoy: My esteemed Professor, I was told that your expression 'Being-in-General' means God Himself. How do we reach God? Instead of trying to reach God, it will be wiser for us to discover God. When man tries to reach God, a certain distance always remains between himself and God. By virtue of our prayer and meditation, we come to realise that God is not someone who is at the farthest corner of the globe or in the highest sphere. Definitely He does dwell in those regions, but our wisdom will tell us that He is nearer than the nearest as well. He is Someone within us whom we have to discover.

When we want to invent something, we use the power of our mind to its fullest extent. When we want to discover something, we simply dive deep within, using the power of our heart. In the heart there is no question of distance, and we realise God much sooner than otherwise.

To reach the furthest length, we have to run fast, faster, fastest. To reach the ultimate height, we have to climb up high, higher, highest. But when we want to discover God, we just dive deep within and find our supremely chosen Inner Pilot dwelling inside our hearts.

To come back to your question: How does one reach God? Let us say, how does one discover and then realise God? We discover God and realise Him by virtue of our sleepless prayer and breathless meditation. And for that we have to love God unconditionally. We have to say to ourselves, "God for God's Sake," and then make this a reality in our life.