Part XI — Professor Leanna J. Standish

PCG 13. Co-Director of Research, Bastyr University Research Institute, Bastyr University, Seattle, WA

Professor Leanna J. Standish: Why is it that for you, apparently, the existence of God, the Absolute, the Divine, is known and experienced every day, but for me, a scientist and a physician, there is insufficient evidence to say I know, or even believe, that God exists? I am not at all certain that scientific materialism or material realism is an incorrect assessment of the nature of reality. Why are you certain and I am not?

Sri Chinmoy: My esteemed Professor, our human life is so complicated. Our human understanding is so complicated. Our approaches to reality are also complicated. But again, we can develop mutual respect for each other's understanding and conviction. You, as a scientist, are at home in the world of science. I happen to be a conscious God-seeker. My life has been entirely devoted to the inner exploration. Therefore, God — out of His infinite Bounty — has blessed me with certain illumining and fulfilling experiences. With regard to science, there are many things of which I am totally unaware, that you will be able to prove to me if I am willing to devote my time to the study of your reality. I also will be able to prove to you the existence of God if you want to consciously and selflessly dedicate your life to God-discovery. Your science-God and my spirituality-God are the same Being. But devotees of the science-God ask for concrete proof at every step of the way. Devotees of the spirituality-God care more for inner experience than for immediate proof or physical evidence.

Those who are devoted to the spirituality-God do not try to authenticate God's Existence. Their own faith in God and love of God enables them to feel God as an omnipresent Reality. They have tasted a most delicious mango, and they are still enjoying the taste of it to their full and complete satisfaction. They do not care whether the rest of the world believes in the mango or not. They are pleased and satisfied with what they have. The inner Presence of God is enough for them. They do not feel it is at all necessary for God to come and stand in front of them face to face. They feel that their inner happiness, peace and satisfaction in life are proof enough for them.

As a scientist, you may want me to prove to you the authenticity of my approach to reality, but as a God-lover I shall not ask you to prove anything. I shall only ask you to be satisfied, and if you are already satisfied with what you have and what you are, then I am truly, divinely and supremely proud of you. Your satisfaction is the manifestation of your chosen reality. My satisfaction is also the manifestation of my chosen reality. At the final end of our life-journey, we will see that God the Science and God the Spirituality are eternally and inseparably one, playing two different, distinct roles for the betterment and fulfilment of humanity.