Part II — World Peace from a Hindu perspective: a Hindu World-Peace-Dreamer


Dr. Louis Vaccaro, President, the College of Saint Rose: Good evening, everyone. I want to welcome you all to the Sidney Albert Interfaith Lecture, which is actually in its sixth year here at the College of Saint Rose. Before we begin, I want to extend a special welcome to our past Mayor, Thomas Whalen, and his lovely wife, and you are all especially welcomed as well.

As part of the Sidney Albert Interfaith Lecture Program, we are honoured this evening to welcome to our campus an individual whose life and work has touched millions of souls. A tireless advocate of world peace and harmony, Sri Chinmoy has devoted his life to speaking, teaching and living for others. It would take the better part of the evening for me to recount his many achievements; they are many and they are impressive. So I will not go into all of it.

Sri Chinmoy is well known as an international spiritual leader, author, poet, artist, musician and athlete. He has tirelessly devoted his life to the pursuit of world peace and to the fulfilment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit. Along with many other awards, he has been honoured by being presented with the “Gandhi Peace Award” and the “UNESCO peace medallion”.

Since 1964 he has spread his message of brotherhood, peace and soulful sharing with people of all ages, creeds and nationalities. World-renowned spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy has been an integral part of the United Nations community since 1970 when the then Secretary-General U Thant invited him to hold peace meditations at United Nations headquarters. He has continued to offer twice-weekly meditations since that time for ambassadors, United Nations officials and staff.

Please join me in welcoming to the College of Saint Rose Sidney Albert Interfaith Lecture, Sri Chinmoy.

[Sri Chinmoy then offers the following lecture.]

PCP 2. Sidney Albert Interfaith Lecture, College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York, 18 March 1996.