World Peace from a Hindu perspective: a Hindu World-Peace-Dreamer

I am a Hindu. I love being a Hindu. I am proud to be a Hindu. Why? Why? Why? Because a Hindu soul is a world-peace-dreamer, a Hindu heart is a world-peace-lover and a Hindu life is a world-peace-server.

My spiritual ancestors, the Vedic seers of the hoary past, taught my soul the song of universal peace. My soul has taught the singer in me that particular song. Now I wish to sing that song lovingly and devotedly for you, my world-peace-dreamer, lover and server brother and sister-friends.

The song is in Sanskrit, the mother of all Indian languages. I wish to give the translation first:

May there be peace in Heaven.
May there be peace in the sky.
May there be peace on earth.
May there be peace in the water.
May there be peace in the plants.
May there be peace in the trees.
May there be peace in the gods.
May there be peace in Brahma.
May there be peace in all.

[Sri Chinmoy then performs the song in Sanskrit, accompanying himself on the harmonium.]

“God, Power infinite You have. God, Light infinite You have. In and through all Your Attributes, You manifest Your Divinity’s Infinity. God, my sole prayer to You is to bless me with Your Compassion-flooded Peace-Eye. This is all I need from You.” This peace-prayer is, indeed, the quintessence of all Hindu prayers.

“God, I do not desire even an atom of Power from You. God, I do not desire even an iota of Light from You. What I need from You is a sea of Peace in which I can swim and dive, a sea of Peace in which I can lovingly and unconditionally invite all my brothers and sisters from the world to join me.” This peace-meditation is, indeed, the quintessence of all Hindu meditations.

A Hindu prayer cries in order to fly up high, higher, highest to reach the creation’s ultimate peace-height. A Hindu meditation smiles in order to dive deep, deeper, deepest and enter into the heart of the unfathomable Peace-Source.

If you ask a Hindu seeker what he thinks of world peace, his spontaneous and immediate reply will be: “I do not think of world peace. Why? Because the more I think of world peace, the more I puzzle myself and confuse the poor, helpless world! Peace can never bloom and blossom and cover the length and breadth of the world on the strength of dividing and thinking minds. Peace can and shall bloom and blossom and cover the four corners of the globe only by virtue of self-giving oneness-hearts. These self-giving oneness-hearts are made of God-pleasing prayers and God-fulfilling meditations.”

Peace is the alpha and omega of our earth-reality and our Heaven-dream. We are given by the Absolute Lord Himself the signal opportunity to journey, and the infallible assurance that we shall complete our journey, to the Land of ever-transcending Love and Bliss only when we become world-peace-boat-passengers. Everything else will ultimately disappoint us save and except our peace.

Our Lord Beloved Supreme, with His birthless and deathless Compassion-Light, is telling us:

My children, My sweet children,
Eternity’s peace-seekers,
Yesterday you were.
Infinity’s peace-lovers,
Today you are.
Immortality’s peace-servers,
Tomorrow you shall become.

Hinduism is the temple-heart of a Hindu peace-seeker. In this temple-heart the peace-seeker sleeplessly rings the oneness-bell of a oneness-world-family. Hinduism does not believe in the supremacy of one religion over other religions. Hinduism believes only in the oneness-intimacy of all religions.

Excruciating pangs heavily weigh upon the heart of each and every peace-loving human being because countless unaspiring people use their meddler-muddler-mind-concern to try and solve all the world’s problems and bring about world peace. This approach is, indeed, stupidity’s abysmal absurdity-abyss. Millions and billions of Infinity’s blue-winged, golden peace-birds are sleeplessly flying over the firmament of our division-cherishing minds — trying to enter into and radically transform our minds. All they need is an invitation from our minds to come down to reveal and manifest peace here on earth.

The dictionary word ‘peace’ charmingly yet definitely attracts world attention. The capacity-profundity-velocity of the mind’s peace-word begins and ends in utter failure. But the illumination-perfection of the aspiring heart’s oneness-peace-message can and shall inundate the entire world with peace at God’s choice Hour. Let us all prayerfully, soulfully and self-givingly invoke God to expedite that Hour.

God and His Time will complete His cosmic Self-Manifestation-Picture only when our inner life becomes peace the soulful and our outer life becomes peace the beautiful.

Here I conclude: having a Hindu origin, I personally would like to become a full-time God-loving, God-serving and God-fulfilling peace-instrument-student.

Since our subject is peace, with your kind permission I would like to meditate on peace. I have spoken about peace at many, many places; I have written many books about peace. But my writings and my talks, I feel, are of no avail. It is only when I meditate soulfully that I feel I am of true service to my peace-loving brothers and sisters of the world.

So please allow me to meditate on world peace. I wish all of you to join me. Let us together meditate on world peace, for it is only our prayers and meditations that will definitely bring about world peace. For our prayers and meditations come directly from our heart — the heart that unites us and makes us feel that we all belong to a oneness-world-family.