Antare Eso Neme

Antare eso neme
Rudra debata mangalamoy
Antare eso neme
Simar bandhan asime nilaye diye
Antaratama antare eso
Karuna moitri niye
Sukha dukhamoy bim hillole
Pralaye achal Rudra
Antare eso Shiba shankar
Dakiche sebak khudra
Anadi deber charan parashe
Rupantarer banshi
Bishwa parane bajiche ajike
Amar maran nashi


Descend into my heart, O Lord Rudra,
O auspicious One, descend into my heart.
Blending the bounds of the finite in the Infinite,
O Beloved, enter into my heart with love
and compassion.
O Lord Rudra, you embody joy and sorrow
in infinite measure,
Remaining immobile even in utter destruction.
O Giver of calmness, O Stiller of fear,
You are being invoked by your insignificant,
devoted slave.
By the touch of the Feet of the Lord, who is
ancient and ageless,
May the flute of transformation be played
In the heart of mankind today, destroying
the immortal death.