Question: If we have been bad, is it good to think of the father in you?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us say that you could not get up early and meditate in the morning and you feel that you have been bad. But no matter how bad you are, feel that you have to approach me immediately, consciously, devotedly, helplessly and dynamically. You approach me helplessly because you are helpless. You approach me dynamically because you feel that you need more determination from me so that you can get up early in the morning.

It is not the father but the friend-aspect in me that solves all problems. If you think all the time of the father in me, then you will be frightened to death. The spiritual father may be very severe. I bark, shout, insult and scold you people. If the daughter is very bad, then the father may be displeased. But friendship means oneness. If you accept me as your friend, then even if I bark, you will say, "He is my friend." So try to feel that I am your friend. If you can't feel that I am your only friend, then try to feel that I am your eternal friend. In that way, you have nothing to worry about if you approach me.

If I am a true friend of yours, then why have you to worry? I may scold you and insult you, but I will do the needful for you. Whenever you do something wrong, I will come to your rescue. That is the attitude of true friendship. You can feel, "My other friends not only will desert me, but they have already deserted me. But this friend will never desert me." If you have that kind of feeling, then your problems are solved. Others will disappoint and desert you, but I will never do that. Your vital may at times be disappointed in me, but not your soul. I will never desert you.