Question: What should we do as Centre leaders if we know that a disciple is eating meat?

Sri Chinmoy: Please inform the individual that it is like smoking and other uninspiring things that we do not want. Even if some doctors encourage people to eat meat and fish, it is not allowed on our path. If doctors permit them, then those doctors will have to take care of them.

It is such a sad experience for me when some disciples who have been on the path for over thirty years start taking meat and fish.

It is true that I ate fish and meat when I was a child, and on rare occasions I have asked disciples to eat meat for health reasons, for a short time. But please remember that I do not approve of meat and fish because these things lower one’s consciousness. People may get permission from their doctor, or the doctor may say that they need meat and fish, but then the aggressive qualities of those individuals will enter into other people.

Meat should not be eaten at all, at all. And of course drugs and other undivine things are out of the question. Disciples may not lower the consciousness of the other disciples in this way in our Centre.