Question: In our Centre, since we go to Pujaloy every Sunday, we come back very late on Sunday night. Usually we do not make it in time for our Centre meditation, and our attendance for Sunday night is very low. Shall we change the day of the Sunday night meditations?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are going to Pujaloy, that is very good! I am full of appreciation for you. Instead of Sunday, why do you not have your Centre meeting on Saturday? If you are good disciples, on Saturday evening you can go to your Centre meeting. Then on Sunday you can go to Pujaloy.

Good disciples will always adapt themselves to the circumstances. Instead of having your Centre meditation on Sunday, have it on Saturday evening from now on.

People who are coming to Pujaloy regularly are pleasing me immensely. Once a month I do expect every disciple in Germany to go to Pujaloy.