Belur Math

Then I went to Belur Math, Sri Ramakrishna’s place, I was not allowed to go into Swami Vivekananda’s room. I said to the authorities in Bengali, “I have such love and devotion for him. I have written a book about him also.” But they did not allow me. What a painful experience! On another occasion they allowed two of my disciples to go inside and even to take pictures.

It was Sarada Devi who was responsible for my travelling to America! She said that the “P” form I needed to fill out would be available on Saturday. I went to the government office on Saturday and one of her devotees was there to give me the form. All kinds of miracles Sarada Devi performed for me, and afterwards also she blessed me.

Nowadays people fetch water at the place where Sri Ramakrishna used to bathe. There it is written, “Photography is forbidden.” I was taking a picture, and some people scolded me. In Bengali they said, “You cannot read what is written?”

I said, “I cannot read. I can talk, but I cannot read.” In that way I was able to take four or five pictures!