When I have a snow-white desire

When I heard that one disciple was not coming to New York with her husband for his birthday observance, I was so deeply shocked! I thought it was because of their business. But it was her sacrifice. She wanted someone else to have the opportunity to come and see me. What was more important: her sacrifice or my joy? Between my joy and her sacrifice, I gave more importance to my joy! I knew that if I could see her on this special occasion, I would be so happy. She was not thinking of my joy; she was giving importance to virtue, because she was making a sacrifice for a third party to come. But God is on my side — finally, everyone was able to come.

Here is the proof that God is still inside me! When I have a snow-white desire, God fulfils it. I wanted this disciple to come for her husband’s birthday. When another disciple gave me the report that she was making a supreme sacrifice, I said I did not want that sacrifice. I said that my joy was more important than her sacrifice.