63. Question: Can an advanced soul who tries to reveal the higher truths be compared in some ways to a poet who tries to express and reveal artistic truths?

Sri Chinmoy: An ordinary poet may get a glimpse of the truth, but some advanced souls get the ocean of Truth itself. Advanced souls see a much higher truth than ordinary poets see. Also, in the case of ordinary poets, poetry is everything to them. But in the case of advanced souls, poetry is not everything; God is everything.

The poet who brings down higher messages feels that these are everything he has to give. But advanced souls feel that their writings represent absolutely nothing when compared with what they know and what they truly are. They say, “In comparison to my realisation, my manifestation is absolutely nothing. The light that I have offered, when compared with the light that is still unmanifested, is nothing. If for my realisation I get one hundred out of one hundred, for my manifestation I will not get more than one out of one hundred. I know how much inner wealth will never have a chance to manifest through me.” All real spiritual Masters have been frustrated this way in their expression, in their revelation and in their manifestation.

Sri Chinmoy, Poetry: My Rainbow-Heart-Dreams, Perfection-Glory Press, Augsburg., 1993