Part I — What is purity?

Question: What is purity?

Sri Chinmoy: Purity is something that makes us feel that God can never be separated from our true existence. A man of impurity can never claim God with utmost sincerity as his very own. He is only fooling himself if he does so. If somebody has purity in abundant measure, only then will he be able to claim God as his very own with utmost truth and inner conviction.

We must have purity in our entire existence. If we don't have purity, we cannot expand ourselves. Purity alone can solve ninety-nine per cent of the problems of our existence.

We feel that purity is something very delicate and feminine, which we can crush. But purity is neither delicate nor feminine. It is something solid, dynamic and powerful. When we are aware of the dynamic quality of purity, we can really create a new life at every moment of our earthly existence.

There can be nothing more important than purity in our inner life of aspiration. This purity has to come from the soul and it has to live permanently in the heart. Then, from the heart it has to enter into the mind and remain there permanently. From the mind purity has to enter into the vital. There the need for purity is most essential. If there is no purity in the vital, then no divine qualities can work permanently in our nature. If one wants to have peace, light, bliss and power in one's consciousness permanently, then purity is absolutely essential.