Question: Why have you come to America? Americans are all indulging in sexuality. Americans are all animals. Why have you come to America to help these people with your spiritual light?

Sri Chinmoy: Is India above sex? I don't think the population would be so large if there were no sexuality in India. You have condemned American life, but who has compelled you to stay here? You can go back to India if the vital life of Americans is disturbing you.

Sex life right now is almost a universal necessity. It is not only an American problem or Indian problem or a European problem. If one wants to transcend it, there is a way: it is aspiration. But one has no right to hate or condemn America exclusively. If this is a disease, it is a universal disease. If it is a necessity, it is a universal necessity for those who have not consciously begun to transcend their imperfections and limitations. India's great Swami Vivekananda also had the idea that Americans were not at all pure, that they were all animals. But Vivekananda came to America to the Parliament of Religions in Chicago, and it was America who accepted his light first, while India did not recognise him.

Purification and aspiration must go together side by side. If you want to wait for purification before you start your aspiration, then you will have to wait for eternity. Nobody is pure until he has made himself pure through his soulful aspiration. If an individual believes that he has to be pure before he can dare to utter the name of God, he is wrong. Only when he utters the name of God does he get a little purity. Once he has purity, if he repeats the name of God, at that time his aspiration will become deeper and more intense. Aspiration and purification go together. Aspiration increases purity and purity increases aspiration. It is a mutual service.