Question: If everyone followed the spiritual path they would reach a time when they would give up their sexual lives. If everybody did that, there would be no more incarnations!

Sri Chinmoy: How do you know there would be no more incarnations? You are wrong because unfortunately you have not entered into the soul's region.

Human procreation is one way to bring human life to earth. You are under the impression that if everyone stopped his sex life, no souls would be able to enter into the world. Unfortunately, you do not know that there are many souls in the vital world, in the intuitive world, and in other worlds which could come without that process. The spiritual Masters are seeing this in the inner worlds. These souls will take human form without going through the ordinary process. In a few hundred years you yourself will see this happening.

You know that once upon a time we were all in the animal kingdom. We were every kind of animal. But now that we have all become human beings, are all the animals gone? No! We have become human beings, but still we see animals all around us. Our evolution has progressed very far, and we are now in the process of realising God. But there are people who realised God thousands of years ago and who are now divinised supermen, transformed beings. When they come into the world you can see the same sort of difference between them and ordinary people who are not aspiring, as we can see between ourselves and the animals we once were. If a realised person showed his inner world to you, his inner Peace, inner Light and inner Power, then you would see an immeasurable difference between yourself and him.

In the future, souls will descend into the world without going through the process of human procreation. God's ever-transcending creation will never come to an end. If you had been able to enter into the highest kind of meditation, you would have been able to envision the future and see how souls will come down to earth in the future. Now you have made progress; you are a human being. But once upon a time you were an animal. The unimaginable difference between an animal and a human being is something like the difference you will see between the human beings who are on earth today and the divine men who will live on earth in the future.