Question: Should we try to help other people with their emotional problems?

Sri Chinmoy: A disciple of mine who was a psychologist once tried to help two women with their emotional problems. One wanted to commit suicide and the other wanted to leave her husband. What happened? While he was attempting to cure their vital weaknesses, he was attacked and caught by their lower vital forces.

Who had asked him to help them? Only his own ego. The women did not come to him for his solution to their lower vital, sex problems but for help with their worries and anxieties. Some persons are sincere in their attempts to help others, but they do not know that the moment they try to help and cure someone, the entire imperfection of the patient comes and attacks them. Then they are lost, totally lost. Fortunately, this disciple was sincere enough. He came to me with both the patients and now all the problems are solved.