Part VI — Marriage

Question: What Is the place of the sex life in your spiritual Centre?

Sri Chinmoy: I am all love and concern, but I am strict to some extent. This is simply unavoidable. Our Centre is dedicated to the highest Light and Truth. I have come into the world with a very high mission. I am working for the manifestation of the Highest at every moment. I expect all of my spiritual children to be with me and for me wholeheartedly, as I am with them and for them. Each of them has to know where he stands in his dedication to the Light. Animal sex life can never be tolerated or permitted if one wants true oneness, conscious oneness, with God. There are limitations and imperfections in everyone's life, but they can and must be transformed.

Often people feel that they may lead all kinds of romantic life at our spiritual Centre since they know the Guru is all Compassion. But above the Guru there is someone called the Supreme, who does not permit me to allow such things.

Being your spiritual leader, I am compelled to remind all of you to remember why you have accepted this path. The Sri Chinmoy Centre is for God-realisation and God-manifestation, not for romantic life. If you want the ordinary life, then you are at perfect liberty to find your friends outside the Centre. But do not come here with a view to get your soul's mate. I will not be able to supply you with your soul's mate. I came into the world only to take you to your goal, not to find a husband or a wife for you.

If you want to enter into the married life, as long as you satisfy me with your aspiration, I will forever remain your spiritual Father. But you have to please the Supreme in me with your aspiration. You cannot please the Supreme in me if you put the blame on me whenever you do anything wrong in your vital life, or if you feel that I am responsible for your love affairs. If you expect me to take responsibility for your uncontrolled vital life, then you will be disappointed.

I advise the younger married couples spiritually to grow slowly, steadily and unerringly. After several years of marriage, or after having one or two children, the relation between husband and wife must change into the relation between brother and sister. If you really want God first and foremost, you have to feel that all men are your brothers and all women are your sisters. Those who are still active in the romantic world must first learn to feel the difference between the satisfaction they get from their romantic life and the satisfaction they get from their soul's aspiration. Then they have to mould their outer lives with their inner aspiration. The most important thing is to try to please the Supreme in me.