Question: You mentioned that the role of the husband is silence and the role of the wife is power. What do you actually mean by this?

Sri Chinmoy: The role of the male is creation; the role of the female is manifestation. We tend to think that when we are very active and getting some result, that is real creation. But that is not the fact. Only when we are in deep inner silence can we actually create. Once something has been created then it has to be used for some purpose. That is the role of the wife. She is the power. The husband in silence will draw everything from a higher and deeper level. The wife has to assimilate this truth and distribute it to the children or to humanity at large. One has to bring the divinity and one has to distribute it. In the most mundane sense, the husband works and earns money. The wife uses the money to take care of the family. Both are equally important.