Question: You said that we must keep divine thoughts in our mind, not undivine thoughts. How do we know which are divine thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: When we have divine thoughts our consciousness immediately expands; we enlarge our consciousness. When we have undivine thoughts, we bind ourselves. When we say 'I, my and mine', we bind ourselves. These are human or non-divine thoughts. But when we have divine thoughts immediately we say 'we'. At that time, if we ask ourselves, "Where is this feeling of oneness for humanity coming from?", we will realise that it is coming from our Source, which is infinite Light, or God.

Each time you get a thought, each time any idea enters into your mind, please try to see if the thought is expanding your consciousness or binding you. When any thought or emotion comes, please try to enter into it and see if it is instigating you to possess something or someone. If it is, you must feel that it is an undivine thought. When we try to possess someone, we suddenly discover that we are already possessed. But if it is a divine thought, we will not try to possess anybody; we will try to illumine and liberate every one, because the divine is boundless, infinite.