Janam Mor Hoini Bale

Janam mor hoini bale rajar tak shale
Achal bale sabai kahe chalina kona kale
Hathat jadi kaharo hate jai kakhano bhule
Rekhe amai deina keha jatana kare tule
Sujog bujhe parer hate apad kare dur
Amai peye sakale hoi dukhe bharapur
Keha chahena amai jani tabuo ami chali
Ek konite pariya thaki kathati nahi bali
Aghat kare shatek bar amare sabe dekhe
Achal bale churiya phele rakhena keha tenke
Tar parete kakhano jadi bhalo loker hate
Asiya juti punya phale kakhano sanj rate
Dayal haye tini amai mukta kare den
Apamaner bojha amar apan kare nen
Kaharo hate chalan kare denna tini ar
Tanhar hate sakal chala shesh kari amar


Just because I was not born
In the government mint,
Everybody calls me a counterfeit coin.
Alas, if by mistake somebody gets me,
He does not keep me in his pocket, in his wallet;
He waits for a golden opportunity
To get rid of me.
Nobody wants me, yet I move from one to another.
Sometimes people get annoyed with me,
They throw me into one corner of the room
And strike me again and again.
If only I was not a false coin.
Ah, there comes a time
When my fate changes for the better.
I take shelter in a pious man,
A religious, spiritual man.
He finds it beneath his dignity
To deceive the world with me, through me.
He never tries to offer me to anybody else.
He just places me in one corner of the room
And takes away all the insults
That were heaped upon me by others.
It is in his hands
That my false journey’s false hope
Comes to a final end.