Sukha Dukher Katoi Katha

Sukha dukher katoi katha
Bahan kari buke
Nitya chali nanan dike
Apan mana sukhe
Amar pane chahiya thake
Raja bhikhari sab
Buke amar lukiye thake
Bibidha kalarab
Keha kandichhe amai peye
Keha hasichhe sukhe
Keha amare chhuriya phele
Keha rakichhe buke
Mayer sneha bahan kari
Sukher bani ani
Nitya bahi sukha dukher
Birat bojha khani
Raj adesh bahan kari
Boner priti makha
Lipika ani bhayer kache
Katoi anka banka
Parite jadi naiba pare
Jatna kare rakhe
Ektu kichhu likhiye dei
Dada pherat dake
Baba pathan khokar kachhe
Jatna kare dithi
Khokan hase amar pare
Rakhiye tar dithi
Chotra bate amar nam
Tomra balo kham
Kintu jeno desh bideshe
Ghuri abiram
Uro jahaje chhariya ami
Khabar jai niye
Amar rin shodhbe balo
Kato mulya diye


Every day I carry countless messages.
Some are sad, sorrowful, unhappy;
Some are happy.
I fly in all directions
And the beggar and the King alike look for me.
Some cry the moment they get me,
While others smile.
Some throw me, cast me aside;
Some place me inside the very depth of their heart.
I bring to the child his mother's affection-letter.
Again, I bring the message of the King.
I bring letters of the sister's love and affection
for the little brother.
And although he does not know how to read,
He casts his glance on the paper
And his joy knows no bounds
That he has received a letter.
He places the concentrative power on it
And offers her tears of gratitude.
Finally he takes shelter in the elder brother's affection
When his elder brother writes his sister on his behalf.
Or the father sends an affectionate letter to the son
And the son's joy knows no bounds.
While observing me,
You have made me into a small existence-reality.
You call me only an envelope, but you should know
That it is I who roam from one place to another,
From one country to another.
Always I have the capacity to fly in the plane.
Darkness I see not,
Fear I see not,
Sorrow I do not have for my own existence.
But I identify myself with all and sundry.
In their happiness, in their joy
I am one.
How will it ever be possible for you
To pay your debt to me, O foolish humanity?