Amai Tumi Dekhechho Ma (1)

Amai tumi dekechho ma
Amai tumi dekechho
Andhar rate jariye dhare
Bhalo tumi besechho
Tabu tomai rakhi dure
Katobar je kendechho
Mukti dite amar prane
Katobar je tenechho
Pashan diye gara e pran
Taito dure rekhechhi
Tomar sakal sneha bibhav
Agyanatai rekhechhi


Mother, You have called me,
You have called me.
In the darkness-night You have loved me,
You have loved me.
I know not why I keep You away from me.
To give me liberation, how many times
You have brought me close to You, the ocean.
A stone-heart is mine;
Therefore, I do not care for You,
I keep You aside.
I place You far, farther, farthest from me
And I abide in the life of darkness-night.