Jedin Tomai Dakina Ma

Jedin tomai dakina ma
Sedin ase shranti
Shranti majhe bhese uthe
Agyanatar bhranti
Andhakare chahina ma
Andhar more chai
Tahar dake sara diye
Byatha e pran pai
Alo diye jiban amar
Puta karo mago
Smari jena nitya tomai
Prane amar jago

I become tired, Mother,
Only during the days I do not think of You,
I do not meditate on You.
In my tiredness the mistakes of ignorance
Loom large.
Mother, I do not want,
I do not need darkness,
But darkness wants me and needs me.
When I respond to darkness,
Boundless sorrow tortures my heart.
Do inundate my heart with light.
Do awaken my heart and make me feel
That You and I are inseparably one.