Question: How can I have inner obedience?

Sri Chinmoy: There are many things I have told you to do inwardly. I have told you not to doubt God's existence, not to doubt me, not to doubt your own spirituality. Nevertheless, there are times when you doubt whether your own spiritual life is worth pursuing. There are times when you doubt whether you have done the right thing in accepting my path. Sometimes you are totally disgusted and you even say there is no such thing as God. You feel it would have been better if you did not believe in God, since others who are not practising the spiritual life are happy. If inwardly you behave in this way, that is called inner disobedience.

Disobedience is all inside the mind. If you doubt your own spiritual strength and capacity, if you doubt my capacity for offering you blessings, love and compassion, if you doubt God's unconditional Love, unconditional Forgiveness, unconditional Compassion, then it is all inner disobedience. I have told you that I am always there. God is our Eternity's beloved Supreme and I am His representative for those who are following my path. I am the captain and you are the soldiers. If you have faith in what I am saying and if you continue the spiritual life in this way, this is inner obedience. But this is all general. Everybody knows if he is obeying me and listening to my philosophy, if he is doubting himself or his own spiritual capacity. If you are not doubting my realisation or God's unconditional Compassion, Light and Bliss, then you have inner obedience.