Question: How can I strengthen my devotion?

Sri Chinmoy: Before we enter into devotion we should pay attention to love-inner love, divine love. Devotion is fed by devoted love. If there is no love, then there can be no devotion. Ordinary human beings are attached to others. Why? Because human love is prompting them. In the spiritual life we use our devotion instead of attachment. If we want to strengthen our devotion to a cause, to our Master, to our own spiritual life or to God, then we have to feel the utmost necessity of love. We have to feel that we cannot exist on earth without loving our Master or the Supreme. If an aspirant feels that he cannot exist even for a brief second without loving his Master and being devoted to him, then automatically his devotion will be strengthened. Then he has to go one step ahead. He has to know why he is loving this person or this cause.

There are two ways to love God. One way is to please God according to our own way of seeing the truth. The other way is to devote ourselves to God and to please God in His own way. If an individual seeker wants to strengthen his devotion, he can do it in abundant measure if he has the inner strength, or capacity, or willingness to say, "I love God for God's sake. Him to please in His own way, I exist on earth." If this is the seeker's will, if this is what he wants from his life, then automatically God's adamantine Protection, unconditional Concern and unconditional Compassion will descend on that seeker. At that time the seeker's devotion to God or to any divine cause is bound to be strengthened in abundant measure.