Question: How can one become more dynamic? The more there is to do, the slower I go. How can I overcome this?

Sri Chinmoy: If you find it difficult to bring down dynamic energy from above through meditation, no harm. You can become dynamic by repeating the word "dynamism." As soon as you utter the word "dynamism," you are bound to feel tremendous strength either in your arms, or in your other limbs, or in your head or in your heart. Each time you repeat the word "dynamism," a portion of your body will be surcharged with dynamism. Immediately you will feel a flow of dynamic energy in your legs, head, forehead, shoulders, or arms.

The word "dynamism" has tremendous power, like the word "peace." If you can soulfully say "peace," then automatically a part of your outer being will respond. And there will come a time when the inner being will also respond. Right now only a portion of you responds to the word 'dynamism'. But there will come a time when, from the sole of your foot to the top of your head, dynamism will flow when you repeat the word.