Question: How do we achieve sincerity and perfection in our nature?

Sri Chinmoy: If we want to be absolutely sincere when we do something, we have to do that thing with utmost purity, without any motive behind it. We will perform the action with utmost sincerity, and while we are doing it we have to feel that our action is flooded with purity. When we do something sincerely, in our action there must be purity. Purity has to flood our sincerity. Then, while we are acting, we have to feel that this very act is being done in and through us by a far higher Power.

Let us call this higher Power our Inner Pilot. While the Inner Pilot is acting in and through us, we have to be most grateful to Him precisely because He is utilising us in this way. He could have utilised somebody else. Today He is accepting us, but tomorrow He could throw us aside if we don't please Him in His own way. So we have to be very grateful that He has chosen us and not somebody else. We have to offer our constant gratitude to the Inner Pilot, and at the same time, we have to feel that the result of our action does not belong to us. It will come to the fore in the form of failure or success, but since we are not the doer, we are not bound by the result. So immediately we will offer the result of our action to the Inner Pilot. While He is utilising us, we have to feel that we will give our body, vital, mind, heart and soul to the cause for which He has chosen us and make ourselves worthy of His Divine Grace. When we can combine all these devoted attitudes in our nature while the Inner Pilot is acting in and through us, then only can perfect Perfection dawn in our nature. When we do something unique in our life of aspiration, then perfect Perfection automatically dawns.