Question: What is the difference between purity and sincerity?

Sri Chinmoy: Sincerity begins in the finite and goes to the Infinite. Sincerity is of the mind. It begins in the mind and then it expands in the vital and in the physical. On the other hand, purity is in the heart, of the heart and for the heart. Purity embodies God, the real Reality. Purity eternally is. Purity existed the day God created His Vision. God's Vision and purity go together. We cannot separate them.

Sincerity is the door. But if you do not have the key, which is purity, how can you open the door? You have to come to the door with sincerity. Then with the purity-key you can open the door. So purity is everything. If you do not discover purity, then no matter how sincere you are, you will not succeed. In purity, sincerity grows. Sincerity, like a muscle, can be developed. But eventually purity and sincerity must go together.