Maintaining one's spiritual height

Question: Is there anything we can do to maintain the inspiration we have at the beginning of the year? Usually by March, I've just given up hope on my New Year's resolution.

Sri Chinmoy: Instead of one resolution, you can have twelve projects. This is the month of January. In January, feel that you will accomplish one project, not by hook or by crook, but with your best vigilance, your best aspiration. Then at the end of the month, if you do not succeed, forget about it totally. Feel that that month did not exist in your life. If you think, "Since in January I have failed, there is no hope of my succeeding in the month of February," then you will be totally lost. If you fail in January, feel that the month of January does not exist on your calendar. This is not deception; this is called wisdom. Anything that does not allow you to run the fastest on the way to the goal is your enemy. Again, if you succeed, then you can be wise and say, "I won the case in the month of January. Now I must also win in the month of February.

Many years ago, my boss wrote something that I could not believe. Now, over the years, I have come to understand it. He wrote, "Neutrality is very bad. If you are neutral, then you are my enemy." I said, "How can it be?" He said, "When you are not wholeheartedly taking either my side or the other person's side, but you are taking fifty per cent of each side, then you are my half-enemy." So neutrality we have to take as our real enemy. When a new month starts, anything positive from the old month we shall keep; anything negative we shall discard. We shall not be neutral. We shall be one hundred per cent for one cause, one goal.

But you have to know that neutrality is not indifference. Most of the disciples remain indifferent. This is very, very bad. Real detachment, spiritual detachment, is transcendence. When we have that kind of detachment, we are independent, we are above the turmoil of this world. At that time, natures dance cannot affect us. We transcend the happenings of the world.