Question: Guru, how can we aspire when we are working in the outer world?

Sri Chinmoy: In the morning, when you pray and meditate, feel that you have gained real wealth in the form of Peace, Light and Bliss. As you keep your money inside your wallet, so you can keep your Peace, Light and Bliss inside your heart. Then, when ignorance comes, with your spiritual wealth you can threaten or conquer the undivine force that is approaching you. With money-power you can buy anything you want. Similarly, the spiritual power you get from prayer and meditation is a real power. When people are shouting, screaming and behaving undivinely, just bring forward the inner power which you have kept inside your heart. Think of how much Peace, Light and Bliss you got early in the morning. Peace is power, Light is power, Bliss is power, just as money is power. Just bring it forward and you will not have any difficulty at all.