26 June 1995, The Great Hall, Parliament House Canberra, Australia

26 June 1995, The Great Hall, Parliament House Canberra, Australia.

Excerpts from a letter dated 24 April 1995 from His Excellency Mr. Paul J. Keating, Prime Minister of Australia, regarding the Peace Concert in Australia:

Your activities in inspiring a vision of peace are recognised around the world, as is your special contribution to the United Nations. It would be a privilege to have one of your Peace Concerts performed in Australia.

Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

Today’s Peace Concert I am soulfully offering to the all-illumining soul of the United Nations. Precisely fifty years ago the United Nations saw the light of day in San Francisco, California. The Charter of the United Nations was signed there. Many visionaries were present, but a beloved son of Australia, Dr. Evatt, was endowed with the vision supreme. His vision was clear; his vision was perfect. He wanted the young and the old alike to express their illumining values, to share the truth with the rest of the world. Many were not certain of the destination of the United Nations, but Dr. Evatt’s vision was absolutely clear. He was certain that the boat of the United Nations would arrive at the destined goal at God’s choice Hour. This world of ours would one day be flooded with peace. A oneness-world would definitely be established.

O Australia, O ancient land, you take a drop from the rest of the world, and in return you offer an ocean. You take a streak of light from the world, and you offer the sun. Your heart’s magnanimity forever and forever remains unparalleled in the inner world of aspiration and in the outer world of dedication.

To you, to your heart, to your life and to your soul I bow and bow and bow.