Question: How can you perfect the transformation of your body's need?

Sri Chinmoy: Please try to feel what the so-called gross body, physical body, has given you. immediately the answer will be frustration, depression and destruction. Depression is always followed by destruction. The body gives you this kind of thing just because the body can give you only what it has. You enter into a dark room and ask why there is only darkness. Just because you have entered into a dark room, naturally you will get darkness. Similarly, when your consciousness enters into the body, when you become one with your body-consciousness, naturally you become one with the gross physical needs of the body.

But if you enter into your heart, if you enter into your soul, then what happens? What the soul has to offer, what the soul embodies, you get. What the soul embodies is light. The heart also embodies light, although not to the same extent. So you have to enter into the soul or the heart and claim its light as your very own. Then you have to feel that you are the heart, that you are the soul. The next moment you look around and see if there is anything else that you would like to call your own. Then you see that your body is still in darkness and ignorance. At that time, with the soul's light or the heart's light you enter into the body and the vital. Then the physical pleasure and the lethargic ignorance-life of the body will automatically be transformed by the light of the soul and the heart. You have to know what you will claim first as your own. First you claim the soul and heart as your own, and then you deal with the transformation of the body's need. Otherwise, you will be putting the cart before the horse. If you enter into darkness first, before you have light, darkness will catch you and claim you. You wanted to possess darkness, but darkness has possessed you already. But if you claim the soul as your own first, then automatically the transformation of the body's need will take place.