Question: Guru, how can the creative process in man, his art and music, be continually directed towards God's Vision of perfection?

Sri Chinmoy: If the artist is a seeker, or the seeker is a divine artist, then only can this easily take place. As a matter of fact, a sincere artist, a divine artist, is a seeker. While a divine artist is creating something, his aspiration is going high, higher, highest. And then, if he is also a seeker, his very aspiration is creating something in the earth atmosphere. He is aspiring in his own room, but the fragrance of his aspiration, the power of his aspiration is spreading all around. So when the seeker and the artist become inseparably one in their aspiration and manifestation, then the perfection of art in human life is not only possible but inevitable.

The art that makes us universal is called perfection, and the aspiration that makes us universal is called supreme art. The secret of supreme art is its universal oneness, its universal consciousness. And again, real aspiration, aspiration of the heart, is also part and parcel of the universal consciousness. So artist and seeker, art and aspiration, are absolutely one. When one has that kind of awareness, when one discovers the truth in that way, then perfect perfection dawns in one's art-life and aspiration-life, which become inseparably one.