Question: How can we reach our inner perfection and then spread it to our outer, imperfect life?

Sri Chinmoy: Reaching inner perfection is like pressing down on a springboard. If you stand on a spring and press it down, the harder you press, the higher you will go. So in the spiritual life also, the deeper you go within, the deeper your focus of concentration, the higher the perfection you reach. When you go deep, deeper, deepest, you can feel you are reaching high, higher, highest. If you are sincere, if you are dedicated, if you are devoted, if you are soulful, if you are unconditional, at that time you will jump up like a spring to the highest when you go deep within. And then, when you arrive at the highest, do not keep your eyes shut, but try to see what is around you and below you. Then just spread your arms, and as soon as you spread your arms, you will see that the place you are covering is becoming all perfect. You are offering your benediction of light, and immediately your height and light are descending to the imperfect nature within you or around you.

So first dive deep within, and immediately you will be transported to the highest plane. Then just spread your arms and your consciousness, and come down. While you are descending, anything that is imperfect around you, before you and within you, becomes perfect. This is how you reach perfection and transmit your perfection to your outer life.