Question: How can I perfect my ability to surrender to the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: You can perfect your ability to surrender only by becoming wise. By not surrendering to the Will of the Supreme, what have you gained? Absolutely nothing! What have you lost? Absolutely everything! And what have you become? Nothing! So you have gained nothing and you have become nothing, and you have lost everything.

Let us say that wisdom has dawned upon you right now, and you want to gain something, you want to become something. What is it that you want to become? God's dearest, sweetest, fondest child! First you have to feel the need of something. Your need is to become God's dearest, sweetest, most intimate child. Then, in order to become what you want, you have to give what you have. God does not care whether it is bad or good; He only cares whether you are ready to give it to Him. What you have is a sea of ignorance. If you can give God your sea of ignorance, then naturally God will immediately give you what He has. God is a perfect gentleman, and He is not going to remain satisfied with your offering and not give you what He has. What He has is an infinite sea of Concern, Compassion, Light and Bliss.

So you can perfect your ability to surrender just by becoming wise, just by knowing what you have and what you are, and what God has and what God is. God is so eager to give you what He has, but you are not so eager to give to Him. Again, His eagerness depends on your willingness to receive what He has; it depends on how soon you empty your vessel. This moment if you empty your vessel and let all the undivine rubbish go out of your nature, then immediately you will see and feel the purest Light and purest Delight. So by giving to God what you have, you will perfect your ability to surrender to His Will. At that time God will give you His own abilities and capacities, which are infinite.