Question: Guru, what directly interferes with our perfection?

Sri Chinmoy: Our ego, our insecurity, our jealousy and our doubt! This moment we are in the doubt-world, this moment we are in the insecurity-world, this moment we are in the ego-world, this moment we are in the jealousy-world. If we feel that we belong only to the world of inseparable oneness, if we live only in the world of divine oneness, supreme oneness, we not only hear the song of perfection, but also sing the song of perfection; we not only watch the dance of perfection, but also dance the dance of perfection. So we have to know that we must not live in the world of fear, doubt and insecurity. These are the things that interfere with our perfection. But if we remain in the world of universal, divine oneness, then those undivine, negative forces cannot enter into us at all and cannot prevent us from making progress and becoming perfect.