Question: What can I do every day to perfect my emotional life?

Sri Chinmoy: Every day in order to perfect your emotional life you have to bring down purity into your system. This purity is the purity of oneness. Begin with oneness with your soul; then try to establish oneness with your heart, then with your mind, then with your vital, then with your body.

Now, when you are trying to establish oneness, you have to see whether the thing with which you are going to establish oneness is perfect. The soul is perfect and the heart is about to reach perfection; but the mind is still far away from perfection, the vital is still far away and the body is also far from perfection. So what you should do is enter into the soul's perfection first and then bring it into the heart. Feel that you have entered into the perfection-river and you are flowing from the soul to the heart. And feel that your aspiration is the river's speed. After you come to the heart, if you feel that you need a little rest because you have already covered such a great distance, you can remain in the heart for a few days or a few months.

When you feel that you are again energetic, use your aspiration-speed, and the perfection-river will start flowing to your mind. Again, if you feel that you have covered a very good distance and need some rest, you can wait indefinitely there. Then, from the mind, you start your journey to the vital, and from there you come to the physical. In this way you proceed like a runner. You come to a place and halt there because you are tired, and after a while you stand up and start running again. If you can journey from your soul to your body, you will have perfection in your everyday life, in every sphere of your life. You have to start from the source, the soul.