Question: How can I get rid of the feeling of ego when I work with others who have less capacity than I, and achieve perfection in my dealings with my spiritual brothers and sisters?

Sri Chinmoy: While you are working with your spiritual brothers and sisters at the divine enterprises, please feel that they are equally important in the eye of the Supreme, in the eye of your Master, in the eye of your soul. You have two eyes, and you feel that both are equally important. You don't feel that the left eye is more important than the right eye, or vice versa. When you have two things which you claim as your very own, you try to be impartial. When your left hand and right hand are doing something, you do not separate your right hand and say, "Oh, I don't need my left hand; I need only my right hand." Even if your left hand is weaker, still you claim it as your own. When you claim something as your own, at that time partiality goes away.

Look at your little finger and look at your thumb. Your little finger has very little capacity and your thumb is very powerful, but they have established such oneness with each other, and you have established such oneness with them, that there is no ego involved. You do not identify yourself with your thumb and criticise your little finger. No! Whatever capacity your little finger has comes from God, and whatever capacity your thumb has also comes from God. Ego comes when the feeling of oneness is missing, or when you want to show your capacity to others. If you separate your little finger from your thumb, at that time ego comes into play. If you don't make this separation, you will say that everything and everyone is good in God's eye.

Now, a little child cannot carry a heavy burden on his shoulders, while his eldest brother can. But that does not mean that his father or mother will be less fond of the little child. No! The parents know that God has now given to the child only so much capacity. After a few years the child will grow up and have the same capacity as his eldest brother. If I have the capacity to carry twenty mangoes and my little brother has the capacity to bring only one mango, if I go to my Father with my twenty mangoes, He will not be pleased unless he sees that my little brother has also come carrying his one mango. When He sees that all His children have come together according to their capacity, with twenty mangoes, ten mangoes, five mangoes or one mango, He will be so happy because He is seeing in them the bond of oneness.

So if we want to have perfection, immediately we have to feel our oneness with others. Only by satisfying our Eternal Pilot, the Supreme, can we have perfection. There is no other way. And we satisfy Him only by having the feeling of oneness.