Question: What determines the soul's qualities?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul itself and the Compassion-Light of the Supreme. The soul imbibes and assimilates the Compassion-Light of the Supreme according to its receptivity. What the soul's qualities are depends on how much the soul can receive of the Compassion-Light of the Supreme, which has all the qualities that the soul needs.

Unfortunately, when the soul descends to earth, the divine qualities that it received from the Supreme are covered by earthly ignorance. The soul is ever-free, but when it enters into the earth arena it encounters darkness and obstacles. These things enter into the soul, and it becomes difficult for the soul to shake them off and bring its divine qualities to the fore. But all the good qualities that the soul needs come only from the Compassion-Light of the Supreme. The soul's receptivity determines which divine qualities the soul receives in abundant measure and which qualities it receives to a lesser degree.