Question: Is it possible for us to remember our stay in the soul's world?

Sri Chinmoy: Yogis and spiritual Masters can easily know. For them the physical world and the soul's world are like two rooms or two houses. This church is one house and my house in Jamaica is another house. It is up to me when I go to either one. Here I have come many, many times, and there I stay every day. But although I stay here for only a few hours every week, I know what I have here in this house. Similarly, when I am here on earth, I can easily remember what is in Heaven, which is my other house. Even when I do not go there, I know what is in that house also.

When one realises God, it is like becoming rich. In the outer world a rich man can have many houses, and can know what he has in every house. Similarly, when one becomes spiritually rich, he remembers all the houses that he has here on earth and there in Heaven. Generally, one must become spiritually rich in order to remember his Heavenly sojourn. There are some ordinary people who are not at all spiritually rich, but by God's Grace they have the capacity to remember what they have done in the other world. It lasts for a few months or a few years, especially when they are very young. But then, when the mind comes to the fore, this capacity disappears. Then they forget about their soul's abode and can't remember anything about what they saw there. But the spiritual Masters and Yogis don't forget. For them it is identification-oneness. When they are identified with earth, they know what is happening on earth, and when they are identified with Heaven, they know what is happening in Heaven. For them, it is very easy.