Scene 1

(Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are in the forest early in the morning. Sita is plucking flowers.)

RAMA: Sita, they say that flowers are beautiful, but I wish to say that you are infinitely more beautiful than any flower. The beauty of all the flowers put together is no match for your beauty.

SITA: Do you really think so, Rama? It is so kind of you to say it.

RAMA: They say that flowers have fragrance, but I wish to say that the fragrance of all the flowers put together cannot equal the fragrance of your heart.

SITA: O Lord, you are seeing me with your eye of unconditional appreciation, and not with the eye of a critic.

RAMA: My life should be at least a life of appreciation for you. Your life is a life of constant sacrifice for me. But my sincerity speaks, Sita. You are infinitely more beautiful, infinitely more fragrant than all the flowers of the world put together.

SITA: If I have a heart of gratitude, then that heart is for you, only for you, my Lord. Oh, look! Look at that beautiful deer! I have never seen such a beautiful deer! Never! It is so strikingly beautiful!

RAMA: Yes, it is extremely beautiful.

SITA: Look how charming it is, nibbling the grass. How soulfully it gambols and frisks. Look! It is multicoloured, and it has lustrous spots. I need this deer, Rama. I want it to be my deer.

RAMA: Is there anything that I will not do to please you, my Sita? I shall bring you the deer.

LAKSHMANA: Brother, don’t go. That is the demon Maricha playing a trick. He can assume any form, and he has taken the form of this animal. He is deceiving us. That is not a real deer.

SITA: I don’t believe you, Lakshmana. That is a real deer. I can see its beauty. I can feel the innocence of the animal. Rama, my Lord, chase it and catch it alive. If you can do that I will be so grateful to you.

RAMA: Lakshmana, I am off. Look after Sita.

(Rama chases the deer.)

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All.First published by Agni Press in 1973.

This is the 27th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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