Scene 2

(Another part of the forest. Enter the deer, followed by Rama, panting.)

RAMA: Ah! One moment the deer is near, and the next moment it is quite far. This moment I am about to catch it, and the next moment it is beyond my reach. This is indeed a mysterious animal. I have been running after it for a long time. Now I am tired, exhausted. Sita wanted me to bring back this deer alive if possible. But I find it is not possible to catch it. Well, I shall shoot the deer with my bow, but I shall not kill it. I shall wound it and then take it home to Sita. She will nurse and cure the animal.

(Rama aims his unfailing arrow at the deer. The deer falls down.)

DEER (in Rama’s voice): Ah Sita, Ah Lakshmana! Ahhh Sita, Ahhh Lakshmana.

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973